Financial discipline is very important, and it’s something the Spirit of God can train you in.

Some don’t realize they’re not supposed to spend everything they get. Simple wisdom is that you spend less than you receive; otherwise, you could end up in debt.

The response of some to this might be, “what I earn isn’t enough; after paying my tithe, giving my offering and doing other things I need to do, nothing is left.” No, don’t think or talk like that!

When it comes to your finances, you must see the Lord as your source; otherwise, you’ll struggle financially. You must understand that being an heir of God and joint-heir with Christ, you’re plugged to an unending supply; never think or talk lack. Be supply-conscious; not supply from men, your employer or government, but from God. His supply system is non-stop. But if you focus on men or your salary, that’s a system that fails.

Take your eyes away from men, your job or business; they’re channels. God is your source. Use the Word for your finances.

First, Understand that you’re the seed of Abraham therefore, your financial prosperity is independent of how much you earn or the economic situation around. The idea of cultivating the habit to save isn’t about keeping your money in the bank to accumulate interest; it’s about discipline.

Proverbs 21:20 TLB say, “The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.

You may say, “What’s the essence of saving a small amount; it’s not going anywhere.” Don’t destroy it with your mouth. Never declare that what you have is small or not enough. Money is spiritual; it’s not that coin or note in your pocket, wallet or bank account. Money has ears and can hear you. So you must learn to bless your finances.

The issue isn’t the size of your income, but the size of your mind-your thinking, and what your faith can produce.

Think about how much you might have received in the last one year, and how much of it did you reproduce? If your answer isn’t satisfactory, it’s time for a change. As long as the things you put money into aren’t such that can reproduce what you put in or more, then there’s a problem, and it’s expedient that you change things.


Planning is important. Some people don’t plan their days. Many have regrets about their lives because they wasted time doing insignificant things. Time is an asset, which you must learn to invest wisely.

Investing your time wisely means investing your time in spiritual things; this helps increase or stabilize your finances. Make every day count.

God’s Word imparts wisdom to you for financial intelligence and discipline. So, study and meditate on the Word more, and you’ll always deal wisely in handling your finances.


God cannot do for you beyond your personality, once

God blesses you; everything connected to you will receive same blessing. A giver gives everything. God does not give you money but power (Ability).

Be a partner to the gospel, your partnership should be bigger than your salary. Partnership is your active ministry beyond your limit and income.

Never allow your condition to reduce your commitment. Be an intent partner and giver, God will always connect you more to your seed. If you are a giver; the right people will come to you, not the wrong people. Your giving speaks for you.

Growth is not a miracle but applying the principle of growth is. Money is not a problem to a Christian; it is the acquisition and application of knowledge. A giver always breaks out to new opportunities. Don’t play by your rules but by God’s rules.

Money amplifies your character; it is an amplifier.

By Captain Godspower Akpan

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