Its organizers believe that God will continue the work he started to bring revival, only this time with the help of technology.

A worldwide prayer event hopes to reach one billion souls with the Gospel by the end of May.

On January 26, over 1,000 churches met together in Tennessee for a 30-day prayer and fasting event. And powerfully, the Awaken Tennessee led to a revival awakening.

The event was set to happen again in May. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and a string of violent tornadoes in the state, huge changes will take place.

Despite the unlikely circumstance, the statewide facilitator of Awaken Tennessee, Barbie Franklin believes that “God would continue the work He began in bringing revival, only now, with the help of technology,” She said. 

“I believe that it is enhancing what God is doing because people have need right now,” she told CBN News.

“This has humbled all of us. And really, as the body of Christ, when these things happen, what we have to do is see [that] the Lord has said, ‘If my people who are called by my name, will humbled themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will heal your land,” she explained.

Franklin added that many people praying for years for revival to occur; referring to those who seek forgiveness.

World prayer together

“World Prayer Together” the event , is broadcast live on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Zoom.

“It’s just a growing thing ever since January. The last call we did was 130,000 devices connected to this prayer call from 145 nations and it was translated live streaming to 26 different languages,” said Barbi.

“Now many more networks have gathered…Germany just had a prayer call that the President, Merkel, she basically announced the prayer call. And they had over a million people on theirs.”

According to Christian Headlines, The event will start a worldwide evangelistic outreach online that will be translated real-time into 40 different languages.

About the event

World Prayer Together is calling out to Christians to join the online prayer call. Moreover, participants are encouraged to select five or more people each day for the whole month of May. They are then to pray for and share the Gospel to these selected people.

“It’s a call to believers to pick out five people that you know or more that you can pray for during the entire month of May and then witness to them and share Jesus with them,” Barbie explained.

The end goal is for one billion souls to hear the Gospel and accept Jesus as their LORD by the end of May.

Source: Godtv

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