Anointing Oil with Biblical Spices from Jerusalem


Anointing Oil with Biblical Spices from Jerusalem 0.34oz (10ml) (Lily of the Valleys)

Lily of the Valley is a green garden plant with bell-shaped white flowers renowned for their sweet fragrance. The plant is lethal when consumed, but is a popular commercial perfume scent.

The Lily of the Valley anointing oil scent is inspired by the grace and limitless love offered by God to those who believe in Him. The term “lily” covered a wide variety of flowers ranging from colorful to the purest of white.

Based in Israel’s south, Ein Gedi Cosmetics makes a wide range of Dead Sea skincare and spa products, as well as perfumes and anointing oils rich in natural essential oils. Ein Gedi products do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

In some Christian teaching, Mary’s tears turned to lily of the valley when she cried at the crucifixion of Jesus, and because of this it is also known as Mary’s tears. Lily of the valley is also considered the sign of Christ’s second coming.

This small sized bottle features a modest amount of incense oil made from authentic ingredients from the land of Israel as well as spices traditional used in the Temple incense offering.

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